I like how “sexiijackii” on tumblr stole all of my pictures and is totally trying to be me….. so dumb… grow the hell up and get your own damn pictures!!!!

Wait….so ur the real one?

This is important

Yes I am 100% the real one. They stole my…

@90andforever- it is truly me. I had another page on adultspace and my pictures are on a couple different sites now (I am sure more than I know about). That is the internet or you. Like I said, I really don’t mind if I did I wouldn’t have posted them. However I do mind them “pretending” to be me. If you check out that page… You will see some outfits, I’ll take some NEW pics in those outfits. I don’t need to prove myself, but I am due for some new pics anyways. ;)